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To address financial barriers to medical school applications, the Price of a Dream has developed a strategic and integrated plan that we believe should be applied at institutions and organizations across the country.
A successful national strategy would require the following: 

  • Institutional collaboration, including but not limited to medical faculties, national organizations, and student groups; 

  • Collection and analysis of demographic data to assess progress and guide interventions.


This strategy addresses barriers throughout the application process, from the MCAT through to admission. Given that the financial barriers exist on a systemic and institutional level, it is vital that – guided by consultation of students and groups such as POD – these systems and institutions actively work to eliminate the inequities that have been upheld in the past. 

Here are a few examples:


  • Mentorship and sponsorship opportunities

  • Research and employment opportunities


  • Admissions criteria transparency

  • Application Fee Waiver Program

  • Demographic data collection of applicants and medical students


  • Funding to support current education efforts


  • Interview bursaries and fee waivers

  • Online interviews

  • Free interview prep


  • Free MCAT prep course

  • MCAT Fee Assistance Program


  • Demographic data collection

  • Demographic data transparency

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